Pentagon plans for Mobile Nuclear Reactor


Ethan Leake, writer

The Pentagon announced three contracts to begin design work on small mobile nuclear reactors as part of a push to bring nuclear power to U.S. forces overseas and at home. Contracts totaling $39.7 million were given to two companies for a two-year design competition for a small nuclear reactor that could be deployed with forces inside the United States, according to a Defense News report. The effort is part of “Project Pele.” “The Pele Program’s uniqueness lies in the reactor’s mobility and safety,” said Jeff Waksman, a program manager from the project, in a department statement to Defense News. “We will leverage our industry partners to develop a system that can be safely and rapidly moved by road, rail, sea, or air and for quick set up and shut down, with a design which is inherently safe.” No plans or photos are available at this time as the project is at a very early stage.