At Home Tutoring: Websites to Make School Easier


Abigail Harrold, Editor

There are several websites that can help students with their schooling, and some can make it easier for students to finish their work when they might not have the resources at home. To begin, let’s talk about websites that can help students with English class.

One website that can help students with English and is called the Word Frequency Counter. This website can help students track words or phrases that might be repetitive. People can enter their whole text into the box and find out how many times they used certain words. Another website that students can use to help them in English class is Tip of my Tongue. This website can be used to find any word that someone can’t remember. People can put in a partial word, letters in the word, word meaning, or refine their search. This website can be helpful when a student is writing a paper and wants to elevate their language or use the word they wanted to. However, there are other websites that can help students in other areas as well.

Math is another area that students might need help with outside of school. One website that can help students is called Desmos. Desmos is an online graphing calculator that can graph most problems. Additionally, the functions can be graphed in a variety of colors, so people can tell them apart easier. On top of the graphing feature on the website, there is also a normal, scientific calculator function on it as well.

For additional learning, Quizlet and Khan Academy are two great resources that students can use to help themselves. Quizlet is a website where students can make flashcards and tests on them as well. This website is great because the website will not let the student move on from the current question without revealing the correct answer. Khan Academy contains various courses that students can use to refresh information, expand on information, or learn new information. Additionally, there are videos on the website that can be used to teach students as well.


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