Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Shaw


Monica Harter and McKinzie Peterson

Mrs. Shaw is a well-known teacher at Diamond High School. She grew up in Springdale, Arkansas, but graduated from Webb City. She then attended college at Missouri Southern and is now a Language Arts teacher for both freshman and juniors. Before Diamond, Mrs. Shaw taught at Jasper as a 7th grade, freshman, and sophomore language arts teacher. She says she didn’t necessarily pick Diamond but that Diamond picked her. Now she is on her tenth year at Diamond and doesn’t regret it at all. On top of teaching, she began a part-time job at Pet Land. Outside of school, Shaw is a big animal lover. She owns 12 rabbits, 6 chinchillas, 2 dogs, and a cat. When asked what her favorite animal was she replied with, “Beaver because they make cute noises, they’re butts smell like vanilla, and they help in the ecosystem.” Her favorite sports team is the Baltimore ravens not because she likes the sport, but because she likes that the Ravens were named after Poe’s story ‘The Raven.’ To end the interview we asked her what her favorite quote was and Shaw pulled up a quote stating, ” I live by the ancient right of finders keepers.”