Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Laws


Mrs. Laws

Mrs. Laws is a history and psychology teacher at Diamond High School. As soon as Mrs. Hayes told her that a spot had opened for a history teacher she jumped at the opportunity. Mrs. Laws chose history not only because of her last name but also because while in  high school she felt as though history was never properly taught to its full potential. She began teaching at Fair Grove but stopped when she decided to spend more time with her four daughters.  This is now her first year teaching here at Diamond. Her favorite part about teaching is interacting with the students and getting to witness the moment when something finally clicks. Laws grew up in the local area, attending school at Lamar, she then got a degree in education at Missouri State University in Springfield. Although she originally thought she wanted to go into archeology, she quickly decided against it when she realized it “wasn’t near as interesting James Bond.” Now she’s a teacher, and enjoys her time away from school by reading and having quality time with her family.