Valentine’s Day Sales



Every year, Valentine’s Day brings in billions of dollars in sales. Everyone from those who are married, dating, coworkers, pets, or last but certainly not least, ourselves, join in on holiday giving. This Valentine’s Day, we expected to go above and beyond with our holiday spending, and as expected, we reached an estimated 27.4 billion dollars in the U.S. That is 6.7 billion more than what people spent last Valentine’s. Even with everything that goes into the extravagant gifts or nights out, the most popular thing on the market almost every year is candy. This year in Missouri, conversation hearts were the top bought candy. Not only are they very festive, but they have also been a prime hit on shelves for the past several years. Another top hit is the popular heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that made a return again this year and sold more than a whopping 36 million boxes. A fun fact, however, says that the average man is said to spend $130 on a gift, while women spend an estimated $70 for a gift. Although the limit on pets is much lower than a significant other, this year was said to reach new heights on the amount spent on pets. So this Valentine set new records and put an even higher standard on what goes into the well-loved holiday.