Student Interview: Triston Kralicek


Photo by Angelina

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Triston Kralicek is from Diamond and has been attending since kindergarten.

Kralicek’s favorite subject is history because he likes learning about the past, and many of the historical events that have brought us here. His favorite is history because he wants to learn World History. His least favorite subject is math because he struggles with it. This year Kralicek is in Game Club. His favorite thing about Game Club can enjoy himself with his friends and others who would not have the chance to play games together if it weren’t for the club. Some of Kralicek’s hobbies include reading, video games, and making computers. Fun Fact about Triston Kralicek, he likes to act and would like to try out in a school play next year.
Kralicek’s junior year has gone well so far. He has had lots of fun and learned a lot. He has also enjoyed his time in C-Tech and has learned a lot there too. Junior year he feels like he is preparing him for his future, whereas sophomore year, he thought it was just another year of being a kid at school.

Triston Kralicek’s inspiration is looking ahead every day and doing what he needs to be done. He also wants to be happy with what he does at the end of each day.