Diamond Takes Victory Over Miller


Jacey Starks, Reporter, Photographer, Editor

What an outstanding game against the Miller Cardinals and the Diamond Wildcats! Both teams showed a great amount of energy and determination on the court last night. As the Wildcats were down more than 10 points before half time, they managed to bring it back up for themselves making the score 30-39 after the second quarter. As they were all putting their hearts into this game, the Wildcats brought the score up to 45-47 leaving themselves right behind the Cardinals by two points. The last half of the game had the crowd on their feet as the Wildcats and the Cardinals battled endlessly for the win. In the fourth quarter, the boys tied the game up to 63-63 with only 1 minute and 39 seconds left on the clock.

Congratulations to the Wildcats on the victory over the Miller Cardinals last night (71-68)! The boys basketball team did an amazing job and showed the true definition of potential, hard work, and that never giving up pays off.