NHS Inductions


Ethan leake, Writer

On Tuesday the 11th, Diamond High school held the 2020 NHS inductions. NHS president, Emily Valdez, started off the induction ceremony by introducing High School principal Amy Smith, Following by superintendent Mr. Hubberd. The next guest speaker, Kelsey Parish, spoke of the future ahead for the new inductees. Emily then introduced four speakers that addressed the four pillars of NHS, Character, leadership, scholarship, and service. IN respective order, Tucker Adams, Drew Englert, Jae Cowen, and Hayden Russow.

The inductees: Victoria Apfelbaum, Camilla Ariotta, Madison Bentley, Lexy Bridges, Alicia Campbell, SuYeong Choe, Eli Cupp, Sean Dalton, Ally Golian, Anthony Heikkila, Angelina Huebner, Kolbe Jones, Paige Lundry, Jaxson Mien, Emily Moore, and Laisha Rangel. Once the NHS pledge was recited by all inductees they became full members of the National Honor Society.