Teacher Spotlight With Foster

Monica Harter

Mrs. Foster is a young, family-oriented teacher who’s into boxing and also a big Cardinals fan. She’s currently in charge of DECA and teaches business classes such as marketing and intro to business. Previous to Diamond, she taught family consumer sciences at Winfield High, in Kansas, for one year. Although this is only her first year at Diamond, she says she loves the close-knit community that we have to offer. She went on to say that the small classes allow for much better relationships with the students. Foster says she began the road to teaching to help students “recognize their potential and teach them basic life skills to help guide them.” Out of high school, she went to Crowder and then continued to Pitt State, where she spent four years and ended with a Bachelor’s in Consumer Science. Now she has found herself in Diamond to be near her family and begin her teaching career. Her favorite quote is, ” Don’t stop until your proud,” which she found inside one of her Dove Chocolates.