Game of the Decade: Minecraft


Tucker Adams

During the last decade, many extremely popular games were known all across the world, such as Epic Games Fortnite. However, there is one game that stood over the rest during the last decade, and that is the world-famous Minecraft. Not only has it been the most popular game in the last decade, but it also did more than contribute to the gaming industry.

Minecraft first graced the world on May 17, 2009. It was quick to gain popularity as it was something very new, giving people a sandbox to survive, explore, and create. I also picked Minecraft way back when it first came out. At the time, it was just a fun survival game with the community slowly discovering new things. Although quickly, the game would become so much more.

First off, Minecraft brought even more creativity out of people with a creative mode, which gave them access to all the games resources. Many amazing building projects have been done, such as the places seen in the Lord of the Rings movies or giant ships from Star Wars. There is no limit on people’s creativity.

Next, the material, Redstone, opened even more creativity and has even been used for education purposes. Redstone allows for the use of engineering in games; players have made many amazing things, such as a working computer or a moving house with the use of Redstone. Some schools have used Redstone for things like math.
Speaking of education, Minecraft has an entire edition of the game just dedicated to education. Slowly and slowly, the game is making its way into more classrooms. The education addition makes many changes, such as changing the game’s alchemy to chemistry. Some teachers have even used the game for history lessons, having recreated models of places in time.

The game is still going strong and most likely will for a long time still as millions are still playing, especially with a massive update going to launch for the game soon.