Speech Takes Bronaugh by Storm

Abigail Harrold, Editor

On Saturday, February 8th, the Diamond speech and debate team took Bronaugh’s second annual meet. Of the 48 finalists, Diamond’s team made up 23 of those entries, with them taking home 25 metals and trophies. The team, also, won first place overall in sweepstakes points. These points are earned by teams placing in various spots (meaning more spots is better), and these points are then totaled up. The finalist as well as what they earned are listed below:

  • DI: Campbell 7th, Abby 6th, Tessa 4th, Michael 3rd
  • HI: Michaela 5th, Abby 4th, Taylor 2nd, Josie 1st
  • Prose: Campbell 6th, Allison 4th, Camy 3rd, Josie 2nd
  • Poetry: Campbell 6th, Michaela 4th
  • Storytelling: Hadley 5th
  • Radio: Allison 7th, Rodney 2nd, Logan 1st
  • Original Oratory: Kylee 2nd
  • Duet: Hadley and Alicia 4th, Michael and Tessa 3rd
  • POI: Michaela 4th, Tessa 3rd

The team is going to Osage this following Saturday, and we wish them the best of luck!