Student Interview: Mattilee (Mattie) Carroz



Mattie Carroz

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Mattie Carroz is from Illinois but has gone to Diamond for the past 7 years.

Carroz’s favorite subject in school is choir because she loves to sing, and her least favorite subject is math because she struggles with it. The school activities Carroz participates in are band, as part of the drumline, and choir. She enjoys those activities because she has had a connection with music from a young age. Her liking of music started when she started learning to play the piano at the age of two. Some of Carroz’s hobbies include painting, drawing, and listening to music. She enjoys painting/drawing abstract things but definitely enjoys painting eyes. She has been drawing for 6 years and painting since last year. As for the kind of music she listens to, she likes all music except for the country, but her go-to music genre is an alternative. Carroz’s favorite song at the moment is Peach Scone by Hobo Johnson. Carroz’s sophomore year has gone pretty well but is a bit exhausting. She says that compared to freshman year, the classes are more challenging, and there is more homework. However, she has still enjoyed her being a sophomore.

Lastly, I asked Mattie Carroz what her inspiration is. For Mattie, it’s her mom and best friend because they are both influential people who have persevered through a lot and are funny.