Student Interview: Dalton Duquette



Dalton Duquette

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Dalton Duquette was raised in Diamond and then moved to Arkansas for a few years with him coming back in 8th grade.

Duquette’s favorite subject in school is science because it is interesting, and his least favorite subject is math because, at higher levels, it gets more complicated. Some school activities Duquette participates in are football as a lineman and linebacker, he wrestles, and is soon to be in track. He is also a new member of the Scholar Bowl team. Duquette says that the activities he does where things he was interest in and wanted to try but football has always been a liking of his and his brother.

Some of Duquette’s hobbies include reading (specifically books like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter), drawing, and writing. Another things he likes to do is play video games like Call of Duty and Minecraft.

Duquette’s freshman year has gone well so far. He exclaims, “I expected to be overflown with work 24/7 and never have a day off. Pretty much dread it until summer,” but says it is different and easier than expected.

Lastly, I asked Dalton Duquette what his inspiration is and he says he doesn’t want to be like other people he knows and give up on himself.