What Seniors Want to Know

This article contains the answers to some questions Seniors may have and some reminders.


Angelina Huebner

Mrs. Slagle (HS Counselor)

Angelina Huebner, Editor

As of Wednesday, January 8, 2020, we welcome the second and final semester of school for the seniors. Being a senior can be both a scary and exciting thing for students but it’s something to be happy about. With graduation only a few months away some have been a bit stressed out and have some question about what to do next and so on. Thanks to the lovely Mrs. Slagle’s cooperation, we have the answers to the questions you may have.

Some seniors may be asking themselves; what steps do I need to take to figure what I want to do after high school? To figure that out Mrs. Slagle recommends that you check out a career exploration website which will line up your interest and personality to possible future careers. If the next step for you is college then you need to think about choosing and narrowing down colleges. Ask yourself questions like Am I going to continue living with my parents or move out? Am I staying close to home if I move out? Do I want attend big or small school? Do I want to go to a school that focuses on STEM or Arts? Do I have the money to attend this school? Questions like these will help you narrow down the choices. If you are still having trouble, use a compare and contrast website for colleges. Mrs. Slagle recommends using https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/

The next things you may be stressing yourself about are the courses you will take, how to contact the professor when you have questions, how to form a study group and how many hours you should work. Not to worry because we got you covered. On the topic of courses you have the college advisor for that. Advisors will line up your schedule and match up your classes for what you are aiming for and will also help you decide a major based on the interest and talents you have. In addition to the courses the other topic worrying you might be reaching out to your professor but don’t fret because it is highly likely that the first day in class your professor will hand you a syllabus with the ways you can contact them. Now, forming a study group can be just as easy. College is similar to high school in the way that you make friends with your classmates. Once you have gotten to know some people you will realize which ones are studious and those are the people you want to form study groups with. The final topic that may be agonizing you is the topic of working. Mrs. Slagle suggests trying to work 10-15 hours your first semester and see if you can handle more hours. You do not want to overload yourself because it causes stress and that will affect your learning. Getting through college and enjoying it should be your priority.

An important date coming up for Seniors is February 1st. February 1st is the end of priority consideration for many schools meaning that you will not get first consideration for next fall and you wont be eligible for institutional money.

A few other reminders Mrs. Slagle has for the Seniors include:

  • Do your FAFSA soon!
  • You should be applying for colleges if you have not. Once you have make sure to frequently check your e-mails and respond to them ASAP
  • Come see her soon and make sure you have all your credits

Some final advice Mrs. Slagle has for our Seniors is not to slack off your final semester because it will affect your GPA and make sure to go to prom and enjoy these last few months we have. As Mrs. Slagle likes to say, “finish with a bang, not with a whimper.”