Why highschoolers should drive old cars

Ethan leake, Writer

Old cars are proven to be more reliable in the long run, this is due in part to the simplicity and the fact that they are easier to maintain and require much less knowledge to work on. Having a simple car reduces expensive service costs t  that new cars carry with them, it also makes for many less parts to break, in the first place.

High School students also want to have vehicles that are loud, look cool, and fast. With an old car it is easy and cheap if you have a few tools and a little bit of cash. Many old cars can be bought for very cheap, and sometimes even free! They are also made with a much thicker, stronger steel than many new cars, this makes them much harder to dent but also harder to remove dents, so they may contain a souvenir of a crash

Insurance is also a very cheap on most old cars with an average 6 month insurance coverage of $150! And with only a limited quantity of old cars available they can also be good investments to sell in the future for a nice profit. However , there is one side to old car that is often ignored, Safety. Many old cars had only a single lap-belt, if one at all. You should also forget about airbags, they were only mass produced starting in the late 1980’s.