Diamond vs. Thomas Jefferson (Boys)


Jacey Starks, Reporter, Photographer

On Monday, December 9th, the boys basketball team played a riveting game against Thomas Jefferson. Both teams played great last night as they all wanted that game win, and it showed. In the beginning of the game, the energy level was up, and both schools stayed close in points to each other. Even though Diamond began to fall behind about 20 points, they managed to bring themselves up in the 4th quarter. At this point in the game, they were only 9 points behind. The crowd was crazy, and the student section was constantly cheering them on. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson was able to pull even farther ahead bringing the game to a loss for the Wildcats (52-67). The hustle never stopped on that court last night. The Wildcats played their hearts out and will continue to work hard throughout the rest of the season.