All Hail Baby Yoda


There is always something cute storming the internet and right now that thing is baby yoda. The character baby “yoda” is a long baby of the same race that wise Jedi Yoda is. This baby appears in the new Mandalorian show that is available on Disney streaming service. Every part of the internet is talking about baby yoda right now, and while this new show is very good on its own legs, baby yoda has carried much of the show’s success with the show already being one of the biggest in the world with only four episodes out! 

However, this new show has brought more controversy to the new sequel movies due the fact that the show seems to be loved by all fans while these new movies have spilt the fanbase. Now, LucasArts and Kathleen Kennedy are under fire due to making excuses about why the new films are hated like claiming star wars fatigue and more political reasons that I will not even get into, but the problem comes in at the success of and love for this show which makes the excuses given for the new movies invalid.

Now, we have the Rise of Skywalker coming which has been forgotten by many thanks to the failure of The Last Jedi and the success of the Mandalorian. To make matters worse for this new movie the actors are literally calling it out on being bad. So while it may not be looking good for the end of the sequels we can all at least enjoy the baby yoda and the Mandalorian as well as the new Obi-Wan show that is on the horizon.