Thanksgiving Break Interview with Mr. Falling



Mr. Falling, HS Media Teacher.

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Thanksgiving break is a time for people to spend time with their families and talk about how grateful they are. Here is some inside to how Mr. Falling, our very own Media teacher, spent his break.

The first few days before Thanksgiving Mr. Falling and his wife prepared for the 30 family members coming over on Thanksgiving. Lots of sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting took place, as well as carpet cleaning. He also did maintenance on the three cars him and his wife own. The maintenance included oil changes, getting the cars’ tires rotated, and washing the cars. Mr. Falling also spent time detailing the inside and outside of the cars.

During the dinner, his family ate 15 lbs of mashed potatoes. Along with that, the dinner consisted of sweet potatoes, homemade noodles, green beans, salad, ham, roast, and turkey. Mr. Falling lucked out saying there was very little left overs to put away. During his dinner they have a bit of a tradition, they have a toast to what they are thankful for.

Mr. Falling really enjoyed his break. He got to see family; he only sees them once or twice a year. The only thing he wasn’t satisfied with was the weather. He wished it was warm so he would have been able to work outside and put up Christmas lights. Other than that, he had a great break and is ready for the next.