Basketball interview

Jake Frazier, reporter

On November 22nd the prowl reporters interviewed head coach Brian Adams about his outlook on the basketball season. During the interview he was asked what he thinks of the work the team has been put in. He replied,” I like the work we are putting in the guys are working their tails off and I like that but there is still room for improvement.  He was also asked what he thought the record was going to be for the season his response was ” I’m not going to say an exact record but I can tell you we can compete with anyone we play against.

That same day a freshman was interviewed about the same thing and when he was asked about the work the team was putting in he said,” Last year this would have been insane we haven’t worked this hard in a while.” He was also asked about the record and his response was,” I can’t guess and exact record but I have the feeling we will be really good this year.