High School Years


McKinzie Peterson, Writer

Hi, my name is McKinzie Peterson, and I’m a senior here at Diamond High School. There’s many different things people say about their high school years, and I’d like to give you an overview of the good and bad of my four years.

So, I was your typical scared freshie coming into high school. As the years progressed I got better with myself such as my relationship with God, self-love, and many more. I was still lacking in the not caring what people think of me category, my math grade, and time-management.

Now, fast forwarding to senior year I care about what people think as in me having class and morals. As of now, I’m continuing to grow my relationship with the Lord, keep learning to love myself, and getting my future sorted out. If I ever get the chance to give freshman advice, I’d tell them to be true to who they are, keep faith, and try to get the best grades because good grades are important for many reasons. If anything don’t try to be a people pleaser, you’ll regret it just like I did.