Instructions on Writing Your Very Own Story


Tucker Adams, Writer

So you wanna write a story? Well then this is a guide to some steps you will need to take to develop a story. (I won’t be covering grammar in this article. Rather, I will be covering the creative process of developing your story.)

Step 1. Before you can do anything, you need to think of an idea for the story. This idea should include the stories genre, which is the type of story, such as horror or drama. You should also consider what the story is all about such as adventurers on a journey. 

Step 2. Once you have the idea developed you need to develop characters and/or plot, which can go either way it just depends on what your writing. A Slice of Life story about high schoolers will probably favor developing the characters first while the a complex, mystery story will probably need to have the plot developed first. 

Step 3. A setting is very important and can help set the mood and making a unique setting can greatly enhance a story and even draw a reader in. Make sure to make your setting interesting and unique, you don’t want to use the same old haunted house from any other ghost story. 

Step 4. Plan it out. It is very important to plan things out and keep notes. While It is not impossible to wing a story there are plenty of examples of well written stories that weren’t planned. With that being said, planning out a story is beneficial when preventing plot holes. Another benefit is not forgetting something you planned or an idea you had. (Also make sure to stick to your plan unless you want to change something.)

Step 5. Get to writing. Sometimes it can be really hard to get motivated to write, but once you get yourself going you may find it hard to stop.

Step 6. Before you can just let anyone read your story you need to go back and revise any mistakes. Mistakes can be as small as grammar errors all the way to massive plot holes, making it all the more important. Having someone else also look through your story is a good idea as there is nothing wrong with having a second opinion. 

Step. 7 Once you have the final product ready it is time to decide what you will do with the story. You could get it published, put it up online, share it with friends, or just keep it to yourself. It is all up to you in the end. 

So with that get to writing. Just make sure you enjoy yourself and be creative. Good Luck!