Student Interview: Sydney Cook


Angelina Huebner

Sydney Cook

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Sydney Cook, was born in Joplin and has attended Diamond schools all her life.

Cook’s favorite subject in school is art because enjoys drawing and painting. Her least favorite subject has to be geometry because she doesn’t like doing math and feels like she isn’t the best at it. Some school activities Cook participates in are Art Club for the extra time to do art and have fun, Scholar Bowl because it was just something she wanted to do, International Club because she thought it would be fun, and FBLA because she heard that it was a good club to be in.

Some of Cook’s hobbies include reading and doing art. Cook’s favorite genre of book to read is fantasy. A cool quirky talent Cook has is texting fast.

Cook’s freshman year has gone well so far. She has made many new friends and has learned that as a freshman, people treat her as an adult rather than a child, like in middle school.

For my last question, I asked Sydney Cook what her inspiration is. For Cook, people who have done good in their lives inspire her to want to do good things.