Poetry is a Kind of Therapy


Josie, Writer

In this world humans go through so much loss and tragedy. There has to be some way to express our emotions. When there are so many different ways, how can we do this? Writing poetry is a great way to express one’s emotions in a positive, safe, and efficient way. Poetry can help people going through hard times by allowing them to feel free of judgment. It can also help the writer convey things they can’t, or don’t want to say out loud. 

In my experience poetry has really helped me get through rough parts of my life that I didn’t want to talk about with others. When my grandpa passed away people kept asking me if I was okay and how I was feeling but I didn’t know how to say it out loud. I was trying to figure out a positive way of doing this but couldn’t without breaking down in a sad, flaming-ball-fury. So I wrote poetry to show people how I was feeling without having to yell, scream, or cry when I tried to explain my emotions. I have no doubt that writing poetry can help others in just the same way. 

Some people believe that if you write poetry it has to be shared but ,this of course is not the case. I’m confident that many great poets would agree when I say that poetry is a therapeutic exercise that doesn’t have to be shared. Most people choose to keep their poetry all to themselves which is a great way to help yourself in the future by seeing your past experiences.      

 In short, I trust you’ll find that writing poetry can help you on your journey to finding a better way in communicating your feelings. Here is some of the poetry I wrote, I hope this will help. 



The Girl Who Saves The World

There at the world’s end was a girl. 

She was a strange but ardent girl. 

She, unlike any other girl, had a knack for being extraordinary. 


She was the way she was because of god.

She loved the way the sky lit up her heart in the morning and the way the sea moved her soul along with the tides.

She would get excited when the angels, her friends, finally made their dreams come true.

She works as hard as she possibly can but nothing ever seems good enough.



There are those slivers of shining sunlight that peers through the cracks of her broken heart and fills it up with joy.

She bares the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She takes the burden of the world so they don’t have to.



Somehow she still found a way to fight along with her angels. 


She sees the tattered heart strings then tries to tie them back into place.

As her own shattered heart strings cover her face.

She wears her heart on her sleeve but only because she feels that her angels need help melting their guarded hearts.


She falls apart but builds up the angels.

 She has a heart of gold but it is break, break, breaking.



She made it seem as if nothing was bothering her. 

Yes there are accidental moments when she let her emotions slip. 



Not for very long because you see, she knew that others out there, her angels, that still needed help fighting against the demons.

She had demons but battled them herself because she thought that it was her responsibility and she need not put it on others.


She still needs help and when the angels see that she is broken they try and help her but she tries to push them away.

She tries and tries to push them away but she is so broken… so tattered… so hurt… she finally lets them help.



In spite of it all

She is broken. 

She is kind.

 She is lonely. 

She is joyful. 

She is sad.


But most of all…

She is hopeful. 


That she…

 Will save the world.