Student Interview: Kyler Terry


Angelina Huebner

Kyler Terry

Angelina Huebner, Editor

Kyler Terry has always lived and attended school in Diamond. He is in basketball, baseball, and Scholar Bowl because they are fun to be in and can be informative.

Terry’s favorite subject in school is history because he learns a lot from it, and his least favorite subject is math because it’s tedious. In addition, he is good at science saying that he was better at taking junior science test then the juniors when he was in 8th grade. He knows this because his grandfather, Mr. Terry, was DHS science teacher.

Kyler Terry’s sophomore year has gone like any other year for him. The only difference for Terry compared to his freshman year is he is more familiar with the high school and its teachers.

Some things Terry likes to do outside of school include sports and playing outside.

For my last question, I asked Kyler Terry what his inspiration is. For him, he doesn’t really have an inspiration, but he has the goal to do well in everything he does.