The State of Star Wars


Tucker Adams, Writer

It won’t be too much longer till the conclusion of the Star Wars sequels are released to theaters which many are excited for and just as many are unexcited for the release. While this new movie will likely make a ton when it hits theaters, it is unlikely to make anywhere near to what its predecessors did due to division in the fan-base caused by, the previous film, “The Last Jedi”. Opinions aside, The Last Jedi most certainly did split the fan-base, which we see with the Han Solo movie which grossed $392.9 million worldwide and cost $250+ million to make which means it needed to make $500 million to break even. Now, with the flop of Solo, it is possible to see a repeat of this with episode 9. 

In other news, an entire trilogy for Star Wars has been cancelled. D&D, directors and writers for Game of Thrones, were supposed to direct the next trilogy. The biggest cause of this firing seems to be the backlash faced from the ending of Game of Thrones. Now,with their absence, it is unclear what we will be seeing next for the Star Wars movies.