Diamond Claims District Championship!


Jacey Starks, Reporter

Give a huge round of applause to the volleyball team for winning district championship! Congratulations ladies!

The amount of effort and team work these ladies put on the court last night was unbelievable. The determination was seen in the crowd, and everyone was on their feet. After beating second-seeded Pierce City first, they were able to have the chance to become champions. After losing to first-seeded College Heights last week, the College Heights volleyball team was very determined to win this title. You could tell how badly these lady Wildcats wanted to redeem themselves and how much they wanted this title just from their actions on that court. They did a phenomenal job and deserved to be district champs. Now they advance to Sectionals where they will play the host of the event, Strafford, on Saturday, November 2nd and fight it out once again. Good luck ladies!