Artist of Diamond High School



Josie Thompson

Angelina, Editor

Josslyn Thompson, otherwise known as Josie, is a well known art lover and artist at DHS.

Since 4th grade, Josie has developed the liking for art through a project she did. Josie entered an art and essay competition with the topic of “What would you do if George Washington Carver came to your school?”. She won third in the state for that competition. Her piece incorporated colored splashes for her background because G.W. Carver had a colorful background. Josie, also, incorporated sweet potatoes because he used them too invent many different things. That’s when she realized that she loved art.

Josie’s favorite art style is comic book art, but she also likes 2-D animation and 3-D animation which she pulled the liking from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” because it has a mix of styles.

The main mediums Josie works with are acrylics, alcohol markers, and colored pencils. Of course,her favorite medium to use is acrylic paint as you can see on most of her pieces. Most her pieces take her 3 1/2 hours, but her biggest piece took her three weeks, which was about 14 hours.

Josie Thompson
Piece by Josie titled: Game On

A lot of Josie’s inspiration comes from her imagination. She just thinks of something and draws it. In that way, she turns her imagination into a reality. Most of the time,her inspiration comes late at night around 1-4 a.m. When she can’t seem to spark up an idea though, she turns to her friends. One example of that was the time Michael Frisbee suggested the random idea of a rhino playing chess,which she followed through with.

Josie Thompson
Piece by Josie titled: DayDream

Of all of her pieces, her favorite piece so far is her daydream piece. It depicts a shoreline with mountains nearby and orange clouds beautifully contrasted with a fantastic purple sky. This piece was done with acrylics of course.

As a note to her future self she said, “I really hope that I’m happy with who I am and I’m happy with how my art is. It’s ever-changing, always lasting and I don’t need to please other people, I need to be myself.”

Here are some of Josie’s pieces:

In My Mind
Spaced OUT, which is to the left, and Tears of Joy, to the right.
Boom, which is depicted on her side bag.