Student Interview: Michaela Harris


Photo Taken By Angelina

Michaela Harris

Angelina, Editor

Michaela Harris, was born in Joplin but raised in Diamond. She has attended Diamond schools all her life.

Harris’s favorite subject in school is any type of science because it makes sense to her, and she has always had a liking for it. She is, also, around science because her mother is a Medical Technologist. Her least favorite subject has to be history because people don’t seem to learn from those past experiences and mistakes. Also, it doesn’t peak her interest so it is harder for her to remember. Some school activities Harris participates in are Speech and Debate usually doing H.I., Poetry, and Duo and in Band; she is a bass drum player.

Two fun facts about Harris is that she likes to watch TV (preferably Supernatural and anything with heroic characters), makeup, acting, and looking at online shopping sites and her favorite candy bars are KitKats.

For my last question, I asked Michaela Harris what her inspiration is. For Harris, the fictional character, SpongeBob is her inspiration. He is a character who is not afraid to express himself and go after his dreams all while being a kind, loyal friend.