Choose Your Story Apps


Abigail Harrold, Editor

Lately, I’ve been seeing a growing trend of people playing choose your own story apps as well as story apps. These apps often contain various stories. There are dozens of these apps, but here are some of my favorites.

WebToon is a free app where people can write, draw, and post their own stories. What is really interesting about this app is just that. There are various categories with hundreds of stories. These categories include romance, drama,  fantasy, comedy, thriller, action, horror, slice of life, superhero, sports, and sci-fi. However, even if more episodes posted, these cost 5 app coins. Another nice thing about this app is that there are some stories updated every day or everyday. However, others are updated once a week. Finally, people can read until they are caught up to the current episode.

Another app that is unique is The Arcana. In the Arcana, users play as the main character and travel with one of six different main characters. Within each story, there are the upright and reversed endings. The upright endings are the happier endings while the reversed endings are the sadder ones. A downfall about this game is that extra story modes cost well over 100 game coins, but there are daily rewards for 5 coins. Another downfall is that there are keys to unlock the next chapter, and one key is earned every 6-7 hours. On a positive note, there is also a mini game and a daily wheel for prizes; these prizes can be used to unlock background stories. There are also other mini stories on the app.

Lastly, Choices is an interactive app where players can create their own character. Like the others, special choices cost diamonds, and there can be 5 earned a day. Unlike the Arcana, most average choices cost about 20 diamonds. Similar to WebToon, there are various genres of stories on this app. This app has updates once a week, and there are some longer series at about 15 episodes with 4 seasons.

Overall, there are various pros and cons with each app. However, there are several other apps out there. Test each one out and find what you like!