The “Raid” on Area 51



As many know already, there is a raid on area 51 today. This raid was first planned all the way back in June on the 27th on Facebook. The man behind the raid is Matty Roberts, who made the event as a joke while bored at 2 a.m. in the morning. However, the joke quickly blew up all over the internet with many people eager to go to the event to storm area 51. 

Finally, the raid occured today. Although it wasn’t an actual “raid” it was more of a festival there has been one person arrested and one person detained. Despite those two incidents, the military and police have not stopped those who have come to area 51. They have caution people to not raid the government facility and the FBI even investigated Roberts. However in the end, the military has been very relaxed about the whole “raid”. Although, anyone who actually does try and attempt to attack or get into area will be arrested and detained as mentioned earlier. 

The raid began and ended peacefully, fortunately. It ended up being just a big festival with no actually raiding happening, which is the best outcome since the military didn’t have to disperse the crowds and everyone went home happy.