Student Interview: Camilla Ariotta

Foreign Exchange Student Edition of Student Interview



Camilla Ariotta

Angelina Huebner, Editor

This student interview focuses on Camilla Ariotta as Diamond welcomes her as a new foreign exchange student.

Camilla Ariotta has come from Milan in Italy and is staying with the McLaughlin family. Ariotta was interested in becoming a foreign exchange student because she is interested in the culture and improving her English. It also gave her the chance to be independent and not rely so much on her parents. One thing Ariotta mentions is that in Italy, students don’t have lockers, it’s an American stereotype. Another thing that she adds is that in Italy they don’t have Prom, Homecoming, and etc. One thing she likes about America is that teens her age drive cars. Milan is a big city, and people don’t drive cars so it was something cool for her to see.

Ariotta likes to act, hangout with friends, go shopping, go to the movies, and playing sports. Ariotta is a part of the DHS Cheer Squad and would like to join Drama because she likes acting. She is a Senior whose favorite school subjects in Italy are French and Philosophy while her favorite subjects here are English, Spanish, and Sociology.

In the beginning, Ariotta had a tough time making friends and understanding, but now that she has been here for a month, she is doing well and is happy. Ariotta is thankful for all the friends she has made who have made the transition better and the teachers who have been understanding and helpful. She, also, wants to thank her host family for treating her as part of their family. Ariotta encourages anyone who wants to be her friend just to talk to her!

This student interview was focused on Camilla Ariotta and getting to know her. To find out more about Camilla, ask her and get to know her better!