College is Coming: Tips, Tricks, and Important Dates

Here are some tips and tricks for applying to colleges and for scholarships.

College is Coming: Tips, Tricks, and Important Dates

Abigail Harrold, Editor

With college rapidly approaching for Seniors, there are some things that are important to know before you submit your applications. Another thing that Seniors need to know about are scholarships, but why are these important?

Scholarships are important because they can help students pay less, overall, for college. Here are some tips from Mrs. Slagle, the high school councilor:

  • Senior NEED to start NOW!
  • Create an account with a website with a list of scholarships (Ex: Unigo)
  • Read the rules for the application carefully
  • Have someone proofread your essays

Another thing to note is that most applications are online, but there are still some on paper. Mrs. Slagle also noted to be aware that there are scams for scholarships as well.

When asked about how to prepare for college as well as college applications, Mrs. Slagle gave many tips about that too.

  • Do your homework
  • Apply to more than one college
  • Make sure all the information is accurate and correct
  • Gather all the information before you begin filling out the application
    • GPA
    • Class Rank
    • ACT/SAT score(s)
    • Transcript
  • Proofread your paper before you submit

Finally, I asked if she had any advice for the younger students.

  • Plan Ahead
  • Look at the requirements early for the college you want to go to
  • Two years of foreign language can help you stand out
  • Apply for FASFA