Student Interview: Suyeong Choe

Foreign Exchange Student Edition of Student Interview


Suyeong Choe

Angelina Huebner, Editor

The basics of student interviews are to get to know a student. This year, Diamond welcomes new foreign exchange student Suyeong Choe to the high school.

Suyeong Choe has come from Seoul, in South Korea, and is staying with her host family, the Danners. Choe was interested in becoming a foreign exchange student because she wants to experience the culture. A difference she has already encountered in the United States is that with adults and elders; we do not use honorifics, which is a more respectful way of speaking. Choe speaks and understands little English but is trying very hard to learn the language.

Choe likes Diamond so far because of the kind people. She is a Junior and would like to join the school volleyball team because she loves staying active and likes all sports, besides soccer. As demonstrated, her favorite subject in school is Physical Education.

This student interview was focused on Suyeong Choe and getting to know her. To find out more about Suyeong, ask her and get to know her a little more!