A Helicopter, A Lawsuit, and An Asteroid – In The News

This week was action packed with a helicopter in the area, a lawsuit in Oklahoma, and an asteroid.

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This week was busy with Liberty Utilities flying a helicopter, a Johnson and Johnson lawsuit, and an asteroid.

From August 28th to August 30th, Liberty Utilities was flying a helicopter around the Joplin and Neosho area. They were preforming a routine inspection to check the powerlines. They used a thermal camera to look for hot spot that could cause problems in the future. They posted on Facebook saying:

“Hellooo down there! [The] annual aerial inspection of our transmission and distribution system [has begun]. During this inspection, we’ll be in a low-flying helicopter, using infrared technology to check our lines and identify any potential issues that may lead to outages. This inspection will last until Friday, August 30.” – Liberty Utilities

However, in Oklahoma, a landmark case against Johnson and Johnson was just finished in court on August 26th. The state was suing the company for their role in the opioid crisis in the state. Oklahoma accused Johnson and Johnson of misinforming doctors and patients about how addictive the medicine could be. Johnson and Johnson was ordered to pay $572 million to the state; Johnson and Johnson is appealing the decision. This case is important because no other case against a pharmaceutical company has been won, and there are other cases in other states that are pending trial. This case could influence the other cases.

Outside of our atmosphere, however, asteroid 2000 QW7 (name of asteroid) is  estimated to be between 951 and 2,132 feet in diameter; that is larger then the second tallest building in the world, according to NASA. It will be traveling at 14,361 mph when it passes within 3,000,000 miles of the earth on September 14th at 7:54 ET.

Overall, the week was packed full of exciting stories! Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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