Disney Vs. Sony: The Battle for Spider-Man

What is going to happen with Spider-Man and the MCU?


Josie Thompson and Tucker Adams

As many as heard already, Spider-Man has been pulled from Marvel’s cinematic universe. This is due to Sony pulling away any of Disney’s rights on the character. However, they weren’t unjustified in this. Sony and Disney has a deal of 95/5 on Spider-Man movies which means Sony makes 95% of the profit on the movies. Disney wished to change the deal to 50/50 to which Sony declined and pulled Spider-Man out after Disney refused to back down on the deal change. It isn’t very clear how this story will end; so far neither company has given into the other.

While losing Spider-Man won’t affect the company much financials, seeing as they have almost established a monopoly multiple times, it is going to be interesting to see how the MCU plays out now without such a central character in its story.

On another note, many people have joked that Spider-Man can stay in the MCU under the name Night Monkey which, spoiler ahead, was an alias Peter went by in Far From Home so that no one was suspicious of him being Spider-Man. For now, the ultimate fate of this battle between companies is yet to be determined.