Senior Spotlight: Part 3

Angelina, writer

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Molly Langford’s year has gone by slowly, but it was an interesting year for her. Molly’s favorite part of her senior year is how calm it has been. After high school, she is going to study at Brigham Young University in Idaho. At the moment, she does not know what she wants to be, but she will figure it out at BYU. She imagines herself as a teacher or librarian in ten years. She also hopes she’s married with at least one kid and living by a beach.

Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook’s plans after high school involve catching up on sleep, getting a job, and travel. Jordan is undecided about her profession as of now, but she is considering teaching. In ten years, she sees herself with a family and nice job. Jordan also hopes that she will have done a lot of travel by then. Her year has been boring but has gone by very quickly. Her favorite thing about senior year is how smart she went about it. She took all her core classes leaving senior year open for fun and giving herself time to socialize and enjoy her last year of high school.


Jeremy Frossard

Jeremy Frossard is going to college to be radiation technologist. He has had a great year and has made new friends. His favorite thing about senior year is not having many core classes so he could enjoy himself. In ten years he sees himself married with kids in his own house and owning cows.

Haley Larson

This month Haley Larson is starting CNA classes with her friend and will work in a nursing home. In ten years, Haley sees herself with her own house and a good job. She might have children but maybe not because she wants to enjoy her time. For Haley, her senior year has been decent, and she is excited about leaving high school.