Victoria to Nationals!

Break a leg, Victoria!

Abigail Harrold, Editor

Victoria Reynolds (Senior) qualified to go to Nationals, in Texas, with speech and debate. This is the first time that she has been to nationals. The piece that is sending Victoria to Texas is about a young girl who was sold into an unsavory situation, and it was a dramatic interpretation. However, what got her to where she is now?

Victoria spoke, saying, “I got interested in Speech and Debate my freshman year during Into the Woods because Mrs. B was recruiting cast to compete.” She also mentioned that she likes speech and debate because it is competitive, and that she received time with her friends. This year, her speech season went extremely well. Overall, Victoria took home 10 metals or trophies this year. Her metals were in storytelling (1), poetry (1), POI (1), duet (3), and dramatic interpretation (5). For all four years of her high school career, she earned 23 metals and trophies. Victoria’s best memory is going to the Chinese Buffets where she would put soy sauce in Mrs. B’s drink.

What are her plans for after high school? Her plans for after high school include going to MSSU, adding “Speech and debate definitely showed me where I should go in life.”