Senior Spotlight Part 2

Angelina, Writer

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As anticipated, another Senior Spotlight this week.  Here are this weeks seniors well thought out future plans.

Victoria Reynolds

As a theatre lover, Victoria Reynolds is going to Missouri State State University to study theatre. She wishes to be an actress in live theatre and writing her own playwrights in the future. In ten years, she sees herself finding play jobs that pay decently. She also sees herself married. Victoria’s year has been very busy but one of the most memorable years. Her favorite part of her senior year has been Speech and Debate and the Beauty and the Beast play.

Billy Wohlwend

So far Billy Wohlwend’s year has gone pretty well, he was excited about skipping a grade and being a senior this year. He also has a job and is happy to graduate, which is his favorite part of being a senior. Billy is going to college to get his general studies degree and then study journalism. He also is interested in graphic design. After college, he wants to be a freelance journalist and freelance graphic designer. In ten years, Billy sees himself as a hard worker who is very busy building up his work reputation.

The last day of school for the seniors is just a few days away. With graduation coming near, they seniors are excited to enter the adult world.

Next week, more seniors will get their time in the spotlight!