Pewdiepie Vs. T-series Youtube Channel War

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Pewdiepie Vs. T-series Youtube Channel War

Tucker Adams

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Felix aka Pewdiepie

A war has been going on since mid 2018. It is not your ordinary war it is a battle being fought between two youtube channels. As many may know, these two channels are Pewdiepie, a swedish youtuber, and T-series, an entertainment company originating from India. Furthermore, I will give additional context on both.

Pewdiepie, Felix Kjellberg, started youtube on his main account back in 2010 with Call of Duty videos. Since then he rose up to be the number one most subscribed youtube video, and he has changed a lot in content over the years going from a gaming channel to a more comedic meme channel. He is still currently the most subscribed channel with T-series a couple hundred thousand behind.

T-series is old channel having been on youtube since 2006. However, They didn’t pick up popularity until around 2016-2018. As you might be wondering, the reason for the spike in popularity is due the fact internet was made easy and cheap enough for the average person to afford in India. Thanks to that there T-series, finally, made it onto the youtube map and was growing quick. By mid 2018 they were already gaining on Pewdiepie.

Although it seemed like T-series would end up quickly passing Pewdiepie, but many would end rallying to Pewdiepie’s support. A big example include other youtuber, Mr. Beast, who bought many advertising spots which included billboards and had them say subscribe to Pewdiepie. Another big example would be Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who hosted Felix’s show meme review. Pewdiepie’s fans have also done their own projects to aid him such as saying or writing “Sub to pewds” in many public places.

T-Series has also gotten its own support. Many Indians are rallying together to help the channel become number one in the world. With many doing similar things as those who support Pewdiepie like buying billboards advertising T-series. T-series has gained so much it has even passed Felix at multiple points, but the swedish youtuber would end up passing them back.

There is no clear winner yet, but each channel has passed each other multiple times. Right now, Pewdiepie leads by a little over 400,000. The highest T-series has lead by is around 110,000 during April 1.

While it seems the war between the two youtube channels is still going on it would seem that it is nearing its end.

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