Battle of the Schools: Math

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Battle of the Schools: Math

Abigail Harrold

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On April 3rd, students from various math classes in the high school traveled to Pleasant Hope to compete in a contest against other schools. Students from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and college classes. There was an individual and team contest for each of the categories. Team contests consisted of, at most, three people. In the end, there was a relay contest. Schools choose four people to represent them, and if a school got the question wrong, they were eliminated. Diamond took 25 people, and 12 of them placed. Below are the winners.


Geometry: 1st Place: CJ Greathouse; Jackson Mine; and Kyler Terry

Algebra II: 3rd Place: Grace Irwin; Brittany Moody; and Abby Harrold

Calculus: Alyssa Wright; Dayle Chasten; and Lauryn Macy


Algebra I: 3rd Place: Yuta Koshida

Algebra II: 3rd Place: Kylee Sill

Calculus: 2nd Place: Michael Frisbee