Senior Spotlight: Part One

Angelina Huebner, Writer

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The end of the year is quickly approaching and the seniors are ready to pack up and book it to their adult lives. Here are some of Diamond’s seniors with well thought out future plans.

For Brian Jimenez, it has been a good year; in fact, one of the best. He plans on going to college with his options in Missouri, Boston, and Washington D.C. in mind. He plans on majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy. In ten years, Brian sees himself as a political analyst or in public affairs. His favorite thing about senior year was seeing himself evolve as a person. “At the beginning of Senior year the pressure is on, and it’s all up to you as a person to finally make your future be what you want. You can’t blame anyone but yourself, because you’re in control.”

Planning to travel after high school, Mystic Checkley say’s she wants to take a year off before going to college to become an interpreter. Ten years from now, she sees herself as successful in her career and maybe in a relationship but not rushing to have kids until she feels that she is ready. Her senior year has gone well, it has been a better school year for her then some past years. The highlight to Mystic’s senior year has been her friends; they mean a lot to her. Other than that, nothing sticks out too much from her senior year besides her anticipation to go on the senior trip.

Maddie Cupp

Maddie Cupp’s year has also gone well this year even though she has faced a few challenging classes. Nevertheless, she has continued to pull through with excitement because it is her last year. When she leaves DHS, she plans on attending Missouri Southern as a nursing major, and in ten years, she she picture herself working in a children’s hospital or clinic. Maddie would love working with special needs children. Maddie’s favorite part about senior were the trips including the Cadaver Lab and DECA State.

With the end of this school year approaching quickly, the seniors are making up their minds as to where they plan on going after high school. With graduation on their minds, the seniors have made it this far and will continue to thrive as they soon enter their adult lives.

Next week, more seniors will get their time in the spotlight!