Understanding Anime


Tucker Adams

Starting in 1917 in Japan, anime has spread worldwide. It has changed dramatically since its creation for better and worse. Over the years anime has gained a global reached, but despite that reach it is seen as strange by many which is understandable. However, this article will hopefully help foster a understanding of anime.

One thing most wonder is why is Anime so popular especially here in America? The answer lies in the 90’s. Many parents were very skeptical of anime back in the 80’s and 90’s. They were not sure if it was safe for their children to view, or who were the prime audience for viewing anything cartoon related back then. Which meant anime wasn’t picking up much popularity outside of Japan until a few shows would change that and make anime view-able for kids.

The most prominent examples of these shows breaching the younger audiences include legendary shows like Pokemon and Dragonball Z. These shows were subject to a little censoring, but because of that, younger audiences could view them. This lead to a generation of kids viewing these shows meaning many would grow up and be okay with their kids viewing these shows thus leading to a huge growth in popularity for anime.

Now, moving on to anime entails itself. Many people seem to get an idea that almost all anime is people screaming and blowing each other up. It consists of many genres just like books and movies. There is something for everyone from action to fantasy to drama to even horror. There is a little bit of everything.

On a side note, just any form of entertainment there is always bad apples. Especially in recent days, there has been lots of mediocre anime as well as some very strange fans. On the contrary, even the good ones may seem strange it just takes a little getting used to. Additionally, one can still find many good anime to watch right at home on platforms such as Hulu or Netflix. So don’t be afraid to give anime a try, but if it is not for you that is alright because it isn’t everyone’s thing. Hopefully, you at least understand it a little better now.