Into the Woods: An Enchanted Forest Prom

The theme for prom is enchanted forest, and it will be held on May 4th.

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Mrs. Ramsey, who is the head of prom committee, talked with The Prowl about everything that is going on with prom committee right now. The theme of prom is enchanted forest, and prom committee is currently working on the tree decorations. On top of that, they are working on fundraisers. This fundraiser is called “Kiss the Year/Seniors Goodbye.” For this fundraiser, students will be able to purchase a bag of 10 Hershey kisses for $1 and send them to someone. This will start on April 15th.

However, what about prom itself? Prom will be on May 4th from 7-11 pm. Tickets for prom will begin sales on April 1st. Tickets will cost $15 per singles and $25 per couple. In order to bring a date from another school a form, that is in the office, must be filled out. The person who is being brought must be under 21. Underclassmen will need to go with a Junior or Senior.

When asked if there was anything else that Mrs. Ramsey would like to add, she said that she needed help making the forest. If you are interested in helping with prom, meetings are in Wildcat Time on Fridays.