Diamond is Tapping into the Future

New Robotics Class will Try to Start Up Next Year for the High School and Middle School


Angelina, Writer

Mr. Falling
Pure concentration from Justice building his robot.

This year, Mr. Falling and his first recruit, Justice Owens, are trying to spread the word about a new class that will be available to Diamond students next year, Robotics.

In this class,  students will use robotics kits to assemble their robots. The booklets in the kits have a few robots students will build to learn the different building techniques. When they finish the ones in the book, they build whatever robots they want on their own referencing pictures, not using an instruction guide. This class teaches students how to enhance creativity and learn new skills all while having fun.

As of now the class does not exist. Mr. Falling is trying to introduce it to his classes and asking people if they are interested in joining. There has been a few interested in the class but there is one real member right now, Justice Owens, a sophomore in the high school. He has been working on robots in wildcat time for a few weeks and has completed all of the ones in his book and now is building what he wants. He says he joined because “technology has interested me since I was about five”. His favorite part about robotics is trial and error, he enjoys testing everything and finding his mistakes and fixing them.

Mr. Falling is hoping that the class will be started next year and his members will do well enough that they can join competitions. Robotics class will be a course added next year but if you are interested now, you can come to his WCT to start.