The Mythic Card Game: Magic the Gathering


Five types of basic lands in Magic.

Tucker Adams

Five types of basic lands in Magic.

Along with D&D, Magic the Gathering has slowly started getting more popular. For those who don’t know, Magic the Gathering, or MtG for short, is a card game based in a fantasy setting. Hopefully, this article can shed some light on Magic the Gathering.

First up is the basics. Magic revolves around five central colors which are red, blue, green, black, and white. Almost every card played in Magic is tied to one of these colors. Each color is unique with specific cards being tied to each. Using this cards one will want to build a deck of 60 or more cards.

Decks will consist of a mixture of land cards and spell cards. Land cards are the most important cards in the deck as they are used to play your spell cards. Spell cards are used for a plethora of reasons and come in a large variety of forms in each color, but their primary goal is to win the game.

While explaining how to play the game can be very complicated it takes practice just like anything else. One can look on online at how to play or they could also download one of the Magic the Gathering video games which have tutorials on how to play.  Even here at Diamond High School there is students who can teach one how to play Magic the Gathering.

There is also many places to find someone to play with. Here at Diamond High School, there are plenty of people to play with, especially in the Game Club. There are also public buildings to find people to play with like Vintage Stock in Joplin.

Magic is big game and is constantly changing and expanding. If one is looking is to get into it, it is important to do a little research, but hopefully this article has provided some insight into Magic the Gathering.