NHS State at Tan-Tar-A

Gabriela Vizueth, reporter and photographer

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Jacey Starks (10) with guest speaker A’ric Jackson

National Honers Society members from Diamond High School recently took a little trip up to Tan-Tar-A for a state convention hosted by Ava High School on Tuesday, March 5th to Wednesday, March 6th. The students were able to go and listen to multiple sessions that apply the four characteristics of MANHS in real life. Author and youth motivational keynote speaker A’Rick Jackson made an appearance and talked about how to break you comfort zone in order to become a better leader for yourself and others. There were also multiple things for the students to enjoy later that evening including board games, a dance, indoor water park, arcade, gift shops, and bowling. The second day was followed by more sessions and elections on MANHS officer elections for 2019-20, and everyone was sent on their safe tavels home by 1:30.