College Starts Here!

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College Starts Here!

Abigail Harrold

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With college rapidly approaching, some students are taking college classes early. Not only does this give students credits to graduate high school and college, but college classes in high school are cheaper. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to get ahead in life early. This can lead to receiving a college degree sooner. However, classes depend on what career a student wants to pursue.

There are a few different ways for students to take classes including: dual credit, dual enrollment, or Crowder Tech. Dual credit classes are taught at the school by Diamond teachers. There is also the option of dual enrolment. Dual enrollment means that students are enrolled at a college and do classes online at the high school, and they may also receive an online book, if it is available. However, students are also given the option to spend four hours a day at on campus at MSSU. The final option is Crowder Tech. Students attend their first four hours a day at Crowder, and they get hands on learning experience. All Crowder classes cost $60 a college credit hour while all MSSU classes cost $50 a college credit hour. Please note that these prices do not include the price of books, which varies. Both schools also give the option to loan the books, but not all books are available for loan at either school. Also, to qualify for any Crowder courses, the student must have a 2.5 GPA or higher, and qualifications through MSSU vary from class to class.

While students have the option to take classes from teachers that are not at Diamond, they are also given the chance to take Crowder classes at the high school. Mrs. Gray teaches three math classes through Crowder including College Algebra; Calculus; and Trig. Anatomy and Physiology is led by Mrs. Ramsey while Biology 2 is taught by Mr. Curran. Finally, Mrs. LeDuc teaches English Composition 101 and 102.

For more information, contact the high school counselor, Crowder, or MSSU.


The Office of Academic Outreach

Phone: 417-625-9785

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Twitter: @mssudualcredit



Dual Credit/ Dual Enrollment Office

Melissa Smith, Program Coordinator

Kelsey Davis, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 417-455-5627

Fax: 417-455-5667

Email: [email protected]