Happy Senior Night Lady Wildcats!

Jacey Starks, Reporter, Photographer

Last night on Friday, February 7th, the lady Wildcats played a nail-biter of a game as the Wildcats and the Pleasant Hope Pirates were neck and neck for the whole game. Unfortunately, the Wildcats fell just 4 points short of the Pirates with a score of 36-32. During the 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes left of the game, Lauryn Macy (#12) brought the Wildcats back up to one point behind the Pirates making it 30-31. Even though they didn’t get the outcome as expected, they fought hard to show their opponents what they had in them and kept the crowd on their feet.

Congratulations to our senior Wildcats:

Lauryn Macy (#10), Catalina Rangel (#13), Alyssa Wright (#34), Rosario Martinez (#32), and Haylee Austin (#30). Thank you for all your hard work!