An “Enchanted” Prom

Gabriela Vizueth, reporter

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Diamond High School’s prom committee has been working on planning prom for months and its finally almost here. This year’s prom will be on April 24th, and has an enchanted forest theme. Prom committee has been working on different fundraisers to raise the money to host the prom at George Washington Carver National Monument. However, it is unlikely that it will be moved. One of which is a Pie Your Teacher in the Face. Multiple teachers have volunteered to be apart of this, at lunch there is a table set up by the vending machines with multiple cans with teachers names on them. For every $20 that get put into each bucket that teacher gets a pie in the face with a flavor of their choice. Prom committee hopes to use this as a good way to raise the money they need to put the final pieces of prom together and host an enchanting night for this year’s juniors and seniors. They are also planning on raising money with a doughnut fundraiser later in the year.

Update: The pie a teacher fundraiser raised over $150.