‘Tis the Christmas Play Season

Reagan Brasier and Emily Meador

This December, the fifth hour drama class is performing Christmas plays for a small audience. The students will perform these plays before Christmas break during fifth hour. Mrs.Billingsley gets a few teachers to judge and even gives out awards to the students. We interviewed Mrs.Billingsley to get more information about these plays.


Q: How long have you been assigning these plays to your drama class?

A: “I have been assigning these plays for 10 years.”

Q: How do these plays help the drama students?

A: “I want students to see what it’s like to plan a play and perform it- the process from start to finish. I also like that students practice keeping a budget. Students also get to be creative in designing costumes and props.”

Q: What makes this assignment unique?

A: “Students have rules to follow. The materials they use must stay within their own budget.”

Q: What’s your favorite part about these plays?

A: “I like to see kids work together to produce something. The plays are often funny, too.”


A big thank you to Mrs.Billingsley for the great information about these plays.